Saturday, 27 August 2011

Holiday Paintings in Provence 2011

These are some of my sketch book paintings from my holiday in Southern France.
 This was the first painting day of the holiday and you can see from the sky it wasn't very sunny, in fact soon after arriving it poured down with rain and we had to abandon the field and work from references. Pity. 

In every village somewhere there is at least one very old  2 CV .They seem to be preserved like national treasures!! This is a scene from a hamlet called Les Barbiers.

The French are very thrifty, this door was on a block being saved until someone can find a use for it.

The house of the most important person in any town or village is the mayor. This is the Maire in the village of Murs. It has an unusual turret feature - no bell,  just a round structure.

Friday, 26 August 2011

July - August 2011 Challenges

Studio Atelier  - Breakfast Time
(ink sketch)

A Day Not Wasted - Passing Through
Paint and Draw Together - Pitcher, Peaches and Apricots
  Rookie Painter - Peonies


Pen & Wash French Chateau

oil- the 'wobbly bridge' london

an attempt at the girl with the pearl earring-oil