Wednesday, 24 December 2014


 These are two more scenes from Alfriston in pen and wash
 This was the December challenge from Paint and Draw Together . I remembered another challenge that was posted before i joined it was of a little duckling,cute,so I put them together for this challenge

 My grandson ( two and a half ) loves clowns so in between waiting for the paint to dry I was knitting these clowns.
Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and a Peaceful and artfull New Year

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

November challenge

 This month Paint and Draw set this still life, it reminded me of warm summer days with lovely fresh fruit and vegetables.I call this "garlic ,oil and tomatoes,"yummy
 I cant resist adding a little extra !
Also I find using the box canvases gives me that extra space.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

October Challenge

 This was the October challenge by Paint and Draw Together.

I decided the cockerel could not be by himself so I put some girl friends in with him and called the painting,
" Here I come girls ".

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

September 2014

During the summer I spent some time doing pen and wash studies of places in Alfriston, Sussex.
The first is the Clergy House .

 The second is the parish church of St.Andrew.

 Next a study of the Star Inn .

And finally The George.
I do have some more references of the village which I will paint when I have time.

Monday, 11 August 2014


My back is still playing up so I was not able to do as much art as I would have liked.
My husband and I went to Provence for a two week painting holiday. It was frustrating because I felt unable to concentrate properly on the subjects,but had a small sketch book with me. I did some pen and wash studies.
 This was the view out of our bedroom, rooftops with interesting tiles of many colours.

 A view of the church at Jucas,a sunny day casting dark shadows.

 Next a day at Sault, and time to enjoy the scene around the restaurant.

The Tour de France went by the end of our road,how lucky. First there were the sponsors,making a carnival atmosphere of the event, before the cyclists came wizzing through.

 A church tower at Roussillon, i'm afraid I didn't get the whole tower in, a dip day when concentration was lacking.

A scene of the market at St.Saturnin, we had coffee and watched as the stalls got busier as time went on.
It was a loverly holiday, just wished I had felt more up for it.

Friday, 23 May 2014

May '14 - challenges

While waiting for the challenges to be set, I painted this picture in oils of a lovely summer day. It made me feel quite summery.

This is the challenge by A Day not Wasted,of a scene in Kenya. 


Paint and Draw together offered this challenge of a beautiful slipper orchid. For this I did a pastel drawing.
I have had a bad sciatic pain which has been getting worse. I'm on my back more than on my feet, so oils or watercolour have been out of the question.This study was also the  challenge put to us by Lela  of Paint and Draw Together.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

A New Year 2014

The challenge from Paint and Draw Together was both colourful and complex. The carpet and rugs were beautiful but needed someone to appreciate them, so what better than  a sleepy puppy.

 A Day Not Wasted  (above) was a picture from outside a Dublin pub.

The challenges for this year have been rather slow in coming, so I have put January and February together.
Also the challenge of painting donkeys just didn't work. It was a subject I really looked forward to painting but I was not happy with my efforts. I think at some stage I will come back and make another attempt.


Pen & Wash French Chateau

oil- the 'wobbly bridge' london

an attempt at the girl with the pearl earring-oil