Friday, 19 November 2010

Calypso Moon Artist May

This is the challenge for Calypso Moon Artists -May. The Royal Wedding
I have painted a vignette of scenes from the day in water-colour

I have just be told of two other challenge sites . That makes four sites I can be involved with, it is great to have so much stimulation . The first of the two new sites is A Day Not Wasted .The challenge was a Venitian backwater scene - lovely - but I had to put in some people - otherwise it would have been rather sterile .

For the February Calypso challenge the subject was "Landscape"
I painted a triptych of "Milly on the Chart" a lovely area we walk the dog.

The other site is Calypso Moon Artist Movement- their site suggests a subject and you make your mind up as to what you will do with it . This month the subject was a moment in time with figures . I chose a scene of some cyclists arriving in a small Italian village all dying to cool off with an ice-cream , we had been there as tourists, but the ice-cream was just as appealing.


  1. Mother!! Why are you painting cyclists bottoms :-)

  2. Your details and range of color is stunning. Your Venetian scene could hang in any museum and fit right in. And the med waiting for gelato? Funny! Who's the dude in the front, without the bike gear carrying two cones? Save some for the cyclists!

  3. Just hopped over to your blog today, while finding A Day Not Wasted blog. I love your work! You may also like to try another challange blog, called The Virtual Paintout. They use Google Maps photos for their reference of different countries each month. I've participated in a few this past year, and love combines traveling and art :-)

    Will be back to see your new work! Keep working artfully!


  4. The cyclists are a great subject. I often see large groups of cyclists in their colorful clothes descend on eating spots. They must have huge appetites. I enjoyed looking at your blog. You work in so many different styles, which makes it more interesting. You have some very beautiful work.

  5. Love that ice cream myself! Great subject for the challenge and you did a great job painting it! There are quite a few challenges out on the blogs - I found many of mine from other artists blogs. If you check my blog, you'll see I have them listed separately on the right side (it was the only way I could find them easily!). I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  6. Milly on the chart? What a strange and wonderful name. Is that your dog? He's lovely. The whole picture is really, but the dog is the highlight.



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