Tuesday, 27 March 2012

March Challenges

This month two of the challenges were about food.As there have been several cookery programs,I decided to put both together.Kiwis and Oranges make a very refreshing salad.

 The Studio Atelier challenge was a very complex arrangement.In the end I pulled out a few of the items to paint leaving the others for another time.

 An ink and wash. When I put this on the Day Not Wasted Site it came up very wishy washy so , I put another layer of colour on to make it have more guts.( I'm not very happy with the paper quality ,so I shan't use that particular pad again )

Finally ,another food subject.The pears looked delicious,so going with the culinary theme I added blue cheese and a glass of Perry. (Perry is a sparkling wine made from pears.)


  1. You are good! How you got the furry outside of a kiwi is beyond me. Wow!

  2. It was quite a challenge , and a challenge not to make the kiwis look as if they are wearing fur coats.

  3. Hello, I am checking out all the artist websites for A Day Not Wasted. I thought this last month(April) was hard! I had to do the statue 4 times! I like your version, too.



Pen & Wash French Chateau

oil- the 'wobbly bridge' london

an attempt at the girl with the pearl earring-oil