Saturday, 18 August 2012

Two week July Art holiday in Provence

My husband and I were on a two week art holiday,  I painted he read books.
The first village we visited was Lourmoran

A man was tending his vegetable plot so I just had to put him in.

Saignon was another quaint village, these cars (2CV's) are very typical of all over France.

The village of Rustrel offered another opportunity for a picture.

The end of the first week. We sat among the lavender with Mont Ventou as a backdrop.All this weeks work was done in oils, which because of the heat dried extremely quickly.

 The second week. This time no oils, pen and water colour.

The view from the hilltop village of Murs. This was done as a drawing exercise.

The church along side the chateau at Murs.

We went on to Menebre, and back to one of my favourite media pen and wash.

This really tickled me - a door saved just in case....It looks as if it has seen better days , but is still worth saving - found in the village of Viens.

Also in Viens this multi coloured car turned up just as we we about to leave just had to add it to the others I had worked.
It was a great holiday,and so much to see.


  1. Your sketching is very good . The mountain landscape also came out well. I have a suggestion keep watch of the proportion of each object in relation to other objects in the picture. For eg the wooden plank on the wall.
    this happens to me quiet often .There is a grid method , dividing the reference picture in a grid and following each grid in the painting. frankly i have not studied art so i donot know much and most times i do not follow these things . but many times after painting i felt i should have followed such rules.keep on painting,bye

  2. Seguramente fueron unas vacaciones felices,el resultado ha sido hermosas obras de arte,felicitaciones



Pen & Wash French Chateau

oil- the 'wobbly bridge' london

an attempt at the girl with the pearl earring-oil